Friday, February 3, 2012

That Thing In September

Kudos to us.  We are only a few posts into our blog, and we are already confusing our readers.  We had to go and give our blog an obscure title.  See, our followers right now are a small group of friends, most of whom know we are trying to get pregnant. A number of people have asked if we are already pregnant and if our due date is in September.  That's a great but ultimately incorrect guess.

"That thing in September" is, in actuality, a quote from one of our mothers.  The story behind it begins in 2007, when we got engaged.  Both sets of our parents knew about our relationship, but we were still nervous to share the news of our engagement with them.  When we did, we were told, "We'll talk about it after Christmas."  Several Christmases went by, and, not surprisingly, wedding discussions never occurred.  We dragged our heels in planning a ceremony because we did not know if our parents would be emotionally ready to attend, to be truly present participants.  In addition, our grandparents are very conservative, so we were unsure of whether or not to invite them to our wedding.  It was a lot to navigate, and we wanted our big day to be a happy one, not a time for walking on eggshells.

Fast forward to 2011.  After a 3 1/2- year long engagement, we finally decided that we needed to face our fears of event planning and all of the requisite coordinating it involves.  Besides, we were trying to start a family, and it seemed like a good time in our life and relationship to affirm our commitment to one another and publicly declare that we were in it for the long haul.  Good reasons and all, it was still difficult going to our parents to say: "We have picked wedding date and venue.  We hope you'll come."  We were so nervous about this, in fact, that we ended up bringing up the subject of the wedding while eating out at a crowded restaurant.  This was total strategy on our part.  After all, very few people will make a big, emotional scene in a restaurant.  We were betting that our parents would not be outliers.

Our strategy worked, and our parents seemed receptive to the idea of a ceremony.  Still, they didn't say much about it, so it was hard to read them.  We hoped they were happy about it.  We hoped they would come.

A few weeks later, one of our mothers called us to ask, "Hey, what's the date again for that thing in September?"  That's when we knew our parents were in and on board.

And, that's when our wedding officially got its name.

"That thing in September" was a beautiful and joyous day of love and affirmation between the two of us and our astoundingly supportive family and community.

"That thing in September" was the culmination of years of growth and discovery as individuals and as a couple.

"That thing in September" was a foundation to build the rest of our lives upon.

"That thing in September" changed and is changing our lives.

We invite you along for the journey.

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  1. "That thing in September" was the most beautiful expression of love between two people that I have ever seen. I'm so glad M and I were able to be witnesses to that part of your love story.